Information for Applicants

Thank you for your interest in the Trust.

We cannot pay school fees per se, but there may be other music education related activities we can consider for support.

The buttons in the right column of this page are links to an application form which allows you to set out your financial circumstances. When completed, this gives the Trustees the information necessary to assess the situation.

The application form is available as a .PDF for you to print out and complete, or a Word document if you would rather enter details on to this.

Please compete the form and return it, if possible, with the following:

  • letters of support from two tutors/teachers
  • brief music CV for those over 12
  • reasons for applying
  • a list of other grant giving bodies you are applying to
  • any other supporting matter as scanned attached documents

Return to, making sure that the candidate¹s name is in the Subject section of the email.

If you would rather post the documents, please send THREE copies of the application form and TWO of each of the references to Mrs N Hickman, Swangles Farm, Cold Christmas SG12 7SP.

Should your referees prefer to send their letters direct, please ask them either to email them to or send two copies by post.

When we receive these documents we can give the case due consideration.

Please understand that these details form the basis of the Trustees' decision, so do provide as much relevant information as possible.

Although every case is considered on its merits, we advise you to seek assistance from a number of quarters rather than relying on the Trust as sole potential benefactor.

The Trustees meet regularly to consider applications and prefer to support those studying music from the age of 11 to 18 years old in the United Kingdom.

You could also spend a few minutes looking through the Directory of Grant Making Trusts, available at most libraries - there is a specific arts section too.

As well as the Music Education Yearbook, the MBF publish a very good handbook detailing various trusts, awards and competitions.

The Countess of Munster Music Awards and AYM websites are also good.